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A list of resources on a variety of mental health issues. Our resources section updates frequently, so check back regularly to find the information you need.

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We are a non-clinical support centre based in New Ferry, Wirral.

We offer support to individuals experiencing suicidal crisis and offer training to individuals and groups for suicide intervention.


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Our aim is to provide an early intervention service that works with all services and agencies in our community whilst also actively channeling men to our network before reaching a crisis point.


We ultimately have a vision of better outcomes for all.


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Kaizen's philosophy is all about continuous improvements, from small ongoing positive changes to bringing about major all-around wellness in a mental and physical aspect.

The Kaizen Wellness program includes methods such as physical fitness-based Circuit Training classes or 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 Personal Coaching environment, where everybody works at their own pace.


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